Hey there,

This is Magda Madaran and I am the director and owner of Leadview Consulting.

Leadview is a lead generation agency, which means we specialise in helping companies like yours become more successful by delivering qualified leads to drive sales. In other words, we promote your business and offer and you only pay us for customers who expressed interest in your offer.

How did I start?

Having worked in the advertising industry for several years, in different countries across the globe, I have realised that I was ready to take the next step and build one of those advertising agencies that really help companies grow and succeed.

Working in multiple companies, in different cultural backgrounds has taught me a lot about people, about business, and about the world in general. In time I reached the conclusion that I wanted to do something more fulfilling, something that could make me get closer to my clients and so, help them communicate their message to the world.

I have created Leadview Consulting here, in London, and I plan to help businesses all over the UK, as well as worldwide, reach their true potential.